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PostSubject: About the Groups   Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:19 pm

Coates Academy (CA Powers) - Coates Academy was originally an alternative school in the area of Perdido Beach. When the adults disappeared and the force field went up, a majority of the Coates Academy kids gained supernatural abilities. The rest that did not went down to Perdido Beach and joined the ranks of the other kids. The powered children, however, chose to stay in the academy for shelter. These kids are still seen as the 'bad' children because of the reputation of the school that precedes them, and typically, the stereotypes are correct.

Perdido Beach (PB Powers) - The kids that live within the city limits of Perdido Beach by now have established a governing system and subsequent jobs for all. There is a good system running there with a fairly decent mix of powered and non-powered kids. However, tensions are still high between the two groups as non-powered children believe they are being taken advantage of. Albert, a younger kid but probably the wisest, runs Perdido Beach with his monopoly on food, water, and job creations. It's a working system, though!

Humans - These are non-powered kids who primarily live in Perdido Beach. They work alongside the powered kids to try to keep a good supply of food and water for the town.

Bullies - These non-powered kids cause a lot of trouble in Perdido Beach, owning their own street called Bully Row. These kids were the first ones to take advantage of the lack of adults in the town, looting stores, taking their place as leaders of the FAYZ before they were put in their place. Now, they still cause trouble, but on a much smaller scale. They are the cause of the tension between powered and non-powered kids in Perdido Beach, leading the protests and riots about how powered kids get better advantages.
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About the Groups
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