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 How Job Applications Work

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PostSubject: How Job Applications Work   Sat Jan 21, 2017 2:51 pm

Jobs can be applied for by your characters in order to earn credits which can be exchanged for food, water, and other miscellaneous items.

  • Job applications will describe credits as being given per hour. Out Of Character, this means that actual credits will be given per page. So, if a topic calls for 20 credits per hour, your account will receive 20 credits per page completed in said topic.

    **Pages with two or less posts in it do not count as a page. Therefore, you will only receive credits for pages with at least three posts in it.

  • Once a job is given to your character, they keep the job for ONE topic. In Character, these topics can span however much time you like, but one topic is the limit. This way, others have a chance to snag these jobs for their own characters as the number of jobs are limited.

  • Each job offers a different amount of credits as some jobs are more dangerous than others. However, the number of jobs that give more credits is much smaller than those who offer less.

  • In order to apply for a job, go to the topic of the job you are applying for. Job openings will be indicated in the topic title with an [OPEN] or [CLOSED]. In the topic, there will be a template for you to complete.

  • Copy the template and post your own topic with the title as [character name]'s [job applying for] Job Application.

    ** Example: John Doe's Agricultural Fields Job Application.

  • Once the topic is posted, a moderator or administrator will either approve the application OR leave it alone.
    IF YOU DO NOT GET A RESPONSE, do not worry! Your application was not accepted, but when a job opens up, your application will be reconsidered for the position!
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How Job Applications Work
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