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 Nature's Enemies

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PostSubject: Nature's Enemies   Fri May 13, 2011 8:26 pm

These animals have grown impressively large since the FAYZ occurred. Children have reported hearing them speaking in broken English.

Flying Snakes (or Greenies)
One of the desert's many surprises. These snakes are not only venomous, but now they can fly impressively well for something that's supposed to be stuck on the ground. They can also spit their venom a long distance toward their prey.

Killer Worms (or Zekes)
Once normal earthworms have grown into massive man-eating death machines. They hide in the agricultural areas and prey on those working the fields. Named after their first victim Zeke.

Blue Swimming Bats
These bats no longer care for flying in the dark. While still mostly blind, they have adapted to the water, using their wings to propel them quickly towards their prey. They group up like piranhas and will attack anything that comes into their territory. They are also hunted as a last resort for food.

Parasitic Wasps
Extremely dangerous and even fatal, these wasps make homes inside of Greenies where their minuscule larvae are spread to other victims through the snakes' venom. When the larvae make contact with a person's skin, they instantly burrow inside where they grow and eat a person inside out, only freeing themselves when they are fully grown. In a few words: Be careful in the desert! Only one person has been recorded having survived these wasps.

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Nature's Enemies
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